Training Services

Group Training at Perfect Fit Training solutions Gladsotne

Group Cross Training

Group sessions are a great form of cross-training and are perfect for anyone wishing to add a new dimension to their training week.

Cross-training sessions run for an hour and usually feature a 30-40min high-intensity workout. The rest of the session time is spent coaching you on exercise techniques and movement standards, allowing you to safely get the absolute most out of your workout. These sessions include exercise demonstrations, a thorough warm-up and you are guaranteed to learn new skills and progress your training level. Get to know your training partners as friends and push each other to achieve the best.

Casual sessions cost $20. Times and locations for group training can be viewed at the group training timetable.

Personal Training at Perfect Fit Training solutions Gladsotne

Personal Training

Without a doubt the best way to get 100% out of your available training time. One-on-one personal training sessions can pack up to 2 hours of work into a 45 min quality training session under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Sessions are packed full of all the exercises and training methods you need to meet your ultimate goals. Smash through physical and mental boundaries and find an inner strength and confidence you thought you never had.

These sessions are also best suited to anyone carrying injuries or with physical limitations including weight, multiple coronary risk factors or orthopaedic injuries. Just because you have a reconstructed knee, doesn’t mean you can’t chew through calories via smart and effective training methods. Learn how you can still get the most from your body with personalised training sessions.

Thump Boxing at Perfect Fit Training solutions Gladsotne

Thump Boxing

Thump boxing sessions are a boxing-based fitness session that also includes some body weight exercises and high intensity cardio. Usually a creative mix of power and speed combos to keep your mind and your body working hard. Bec is a qualified Thump Boxing Level 1 and Advanced trainer.

Casual class cost $20