Animal flow


Officially, it’s an innovative bodyweight fitness program combining quadrupedal and ground-based movement. It’s inspired by various training disciplines such as gymnastics, parkour, martial arts and break-dancing and emphasises multiplanar, fluid movement.

Unofficially, it’s a lot of fun, very creative, more challenging than it looks and has endless applications. After mastering the many movements in the Animal Flow library, you can then use them in many different ways.

The most popular way of using Animal Flow is to simply FLOW! Creating a flow by piecing movements together is a firm favourite among my class participants. The concept of flowing for fitness is quite new and it’s an intriguing movement style that simply has to be experienced.

Other ways you can use ANIMAL FLOW:

In isolation as part of an interval or circuit workout.
As a dynamic and beautiful warm-up to your existing training routine.
In support of developing skills such as hand balancing.
As a way of improving your mobility.

Animal Flow form specific stretches such as the crab reach and wave unload are a fantastic way to improve flexibility through the entire spine. Rotational movements such as scorpions and side kick throughs promote movement through the underutilised transverse plane.
With increased mobility there also needs to be stability and you will get this in bucket loads. The forward-of-the-wrist shoulder loaded position is challenging but will deliver strong, stable shoulders of steel.

My Animal Flow classes offer all of the above applications but we always include flow in every class which I believe you will truly enjoy.